Strength Based Coaching

Strengths Based Coaching is a career guidance system for an individual that will last for a life time. Designed to build on your unique set of strengths, Rose works with you to ensure that you show up as your best self – most of the time.

A strength based system can answer a range of questions from what should I be doing, how do I perform best, what is a right environment, to what are my values so that career and work decisions– small and large–have an objective basis and can be made with confidence on a daily basis.

In today’s workplace you can expect to face multiple career challenges and even career changes over your lifetime due to changes in business, technology, the economy, and personal interests. It is your responsibility to know how you can contribute best and be able to articulate this information to the world. Success comes to those who know themselves and who put themselves in situations that play to their strengths and where those strengths can take them.

Rose HaydenThe activities include in Strength Based Coaching  are the Birkman Assessment, the Gallup StrengthsFinder, exercises and coaching to weave the results together into a tight succinct form, and the actual coached drills on articulation so that you are ready to face the challenges of your career, your position and your life.

The outcome is clarity on your own personal intersection of strengths, interests, and environmental factors that allow you to perform at your max–we call this your ‘Sweet Spot’. It is also the ability to comfortably articulate this and therefore the ability to easily establish it in your current environment or to go look for it in or out of your existing network.

Rose concentrates on people knowing their strengths and capitalizing on them. The secret to high energy and functional careers is fully utilizing individual strengths so that everyone is doing what they do best.  Using her insight into each person’s style and motivation, how each thinks, communicates and builds relationships, she assists individuals in the process of building productive satisfying careers.

Rose delivers an incisive and deeply strategic perception of her clients’ strengths and needs, allowing them to build on what they do best and to find satisfaction and interest every day.


Individual Session

One-on-one coaching sessions, 1-2 hours in length, with drills and exercises in between – includes a detailed feedback on the Birkman Assessment and Gallup StrengthsFinder results, weaving it together with life goals, relationships, family and future, practice articulating this information clearly and concisely to another person, and tactical direction around application in real world situations.

Group Sessions

A full day of fun with up to 10 other participants/coworkers. Learn not only how your results play into your life but understand how others operate differently in the same situations, and why. Dig into the Birkman results together, learning from each other’s experiences, participate in drills that help with articulation and a deeper understanding of how others see the world and how we can work better on teams, and in partnerships both business and personal.

More About Rose:

rosehaydenRose Hayden has many other business management talents and, in addition to her coaching work has run her firm, RAH Consuting for over 10 years.  Rose is a seasoned facilitator of strategic business planning, performance management, service innovation, group decision-making, and fiscal processes. She has served in a number of senior positions in Texas State government, including Chief of Staff for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Assistant Director in the Governor’s Office of Budget and Planning. She has worked with non-profit, public, and for-profit sectors in virtually all levels and subject areas; but, she has particular experience and expertise in addressing challenges and opportunities in the health and human services realm in states and communities in Texas and around the nation. She has served on governing boards for various non-profit organizations and is a featured speaker with organizations such as the LBJ School of Public Affairs. She is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of Texas where she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in American Studies.

She is currently President of RAH Consulting, Inc. where she works with communities and governments on health and human services initiatives and provides executive coaching and team building services.  Rose also provides business development services and has advised to numerous clients including several Fortune 50 firms in their work with government.

Rose is Birkman certified and resides in Austin Texas.