Networking: Acts of Generosity

Approach business relationships by mirroring your best personal relationships. At its core, networking begins with sharing. This talk focuses on the importance of building a solid business network through sharing ideas, best practices, resources and our time. Listening, mindfulness, and awareness are among the skills to cultivate in being a generous networker. This talk offers listeners conceptual and practical suggestions for nurturing our business relationships.

Healthy Work Life

Let it Begin with Me is the mantra of a healthy work life.  This talk offers listeners the best of Rose Hayden’s wisdom and experience about creating a healthy work life.  Focusing on the developing the  ability to re-frame, pivot, ignore, prioritize and assess with detachment, listeners are introduced to concepts for their behavior and actions that can change their work life experience — if they really want it. Many of us spend many hours working in today’s world.  Let’s make it work for us!

Strength Based Life, Strength Based Work

Build on your strengths. Do you know what your strengths are? Do you have the language to talk about them? This talk introduces listeners to the power of focusing on the things we do well and where we have natural ability. As a Birkman certified coach and a proponent of the Gallup Strength Finder as personal and team building tools, Rose Hayden has witnessed the power of harnessing strengths among her clients. This talk offers listeners an introduction to using a strength based approach for themselves and also the power of recognizing strengths in others. Take THE ultimate responsibility — and use your gifts. Everyone benefits as a result.

Rose HaydenWorkshops can be conducted in a full or half day of fun with up to 15 or more participants.  Preparation is minimal and simple. Participants are asked to take a short on line strengths profiler prior to the workshop.  Each learns not only how their results play in their own lives but understands how other operate differently in the same situations, and why.

Learn from each other’s experiences by digging into the strength profile results. Participate in drills that help with articulation and a deeper understanding of how others see the world and how we can work better on teams, and in partnership both business and personal.

Rose concentrates on people knowing their strengths and capitalizing on them. The secret to high energy and functional teams is fully utilizing individual strengths so that everyone is doing what they do best.  Rose brings her years of experience as an executive in both large and small organizations, and in both the public and private sector.  Her insight informs her work and she is deeply committed to the transformational power of individual insight, hard work and focus.

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