Fortune has smiled on me these last weeks and I wound up with two big work projects, each due at the same time.  I have chosen this life of independence, this business of mine.  And it’s a feast or famine world.  More importantly, my work makes me a better coach.  I live in the practical world of work too – just like my clients.  And nothing works better than empathy – true empathy.

So, I found myself working incredibly long and late hours, rising early to stay abreast of all that was pouring into my inbox.  In fact, for a few days my inbox became a source of true anxiety to me.  I would stare at the relentless list that needed my attention and flinch as new messages arrived – sometimes minute by minute – the last cancelling out the first; conference calls, and on and on and on.

And then, I realized. I’m in a ditch.  I need to stop digging.  I need to build a ladder.

Like my sister, whose college misadventures are a source of family legend, and that time she fell in a 10 foot ditch.  It was her turn to do the midnight junk food run. So out the back door of her dorm and into the night she heads.  Running across campus between her dorm and the junk food shack, she winds up falling into an unmarked ditch – straight down about 10 feet.  Covered in dirt, and shouting, she realizes that no one can hear her.  She is stuck.  So, she started kicking steps into the dirt and literally kicked herself a ladder that allowed her to climb out.

When she finally returned to her dorm mates with all of their food, as ordered, and smeared in dirt, all anyone asked was ‘what took you so long?’

So, I kicked myself a ladder.  I rolled up my sleeves, confidently tackled that inbox and the list of deliverables and just start knocking each one out one by one.

Sometimes there is nothing to be done but what needs to be done….. and so what if you are covered in dirt?  Job DONE.

Build your own Ladder.  Use whatever you got….

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