About Rose Hayden

The Healthy Work Life Expert

Career Transformation Expert, Coach and Speaker

About me: I ‘healthify’ careers by harnessing your unique self and strengths so you can transform your work life.

Rose-Hayden-AboutI became interested in career health during my days working in organizations large and small where I witnessed and experienced suffering and drama.  I had been successful in many ways, promoted into executive level positions. Still I aspired to understand the source of this needless difficulty.

I sought answers and uncovered the simple truth.  All solutions MUST begin with me.

I got to work and explored ways to understand my own part in things and to better understand what made me tick.

Meanwhile as I ‘grew up and aware’ I noticed that others sought my advice.

I really became inspired, though, when: I discovered the strength based approach to life, work and relationships.

So I became an expert in strength based approaches such as the Birkman Behavioral Assessment and the Gallup Strength Profiler.

In 2015, I received my official Birkman certification.

I learned how to amplify people’s unique selves and to help them behave well when they were under stress, as I had learned to do myself. My desire to share what I had learned and experienced grew.

I began coaching and I was able to support working people to change careers, positions, and companies or even to stay put and turn things around.

Now I work with people of all ages, in various industries and in various stages of employment, unemployment and entrepreneurship.

I started Healthy Work Life Workshops.

I believe that work life can be better.

I believe that now is the time.

If you’re ready to get ‘healthified,’ join me!

“Let it Begin with Me.